Beautiful Sunnats of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) - Page 1

1. Immediately upon awakening rub the face and the eyes with both the palms in order to remove the effects of sleep. (Shamaaile Tirmidhi).
2. When the eyes open in the morning recite this dua:
Allahamdulila hilazi ahyana ba’da ma amatana wae laihin nushoor - (Bukhari, Abu Dawood, Muslim)
All praise is due to Allah who brought us to life after having granted us death and to Him will we be resurrected.
3. When awakening from sleep cleanse the mouth with a Miswaak. (Musnad Ahmad, Abu Dawood pg. 8).
4. The use of the Miswaak should be repeated when making Wudhu. Using the Miswaak upon awakening is a separate Sunnat. (Bazlul Majhood, “Commentary of Abu Dawood” Vol.1 pg.35).
5. When wearing one’s trousers, first put on the right leg, then the left one. When putting on a kurta or shirt, first put on the right sleeve and then the left one. The same procedure should be followed when wearing a vest. When wearing a shoe, first put on the right shoe. When removing any garment or shoe, first remove the left, then the right. This is the sunnat method when removing any garment from the body (Bukhari, Tirmidhi “the chapter on clothing” and Shamaaile Tirmidhi).
6. Before immersing the hands into any utensils, wash them thrice thoroughly. (Tirmidhi Vol. 1, pg. 13)
1. For the purpose of istinjah, take along water and lumps of clay. To use three lumps of clay or three stones is mustahab (preferable). If circumstances prevail, then this will be sufficient. Due to (clay lumps), difficulties are experienced in flushing the toilets. Thus, the Ulama have advised that toilet paper should be used so that the flush is not spoilt.
2. It was the practice of Rasoolullah (Sallallahu alaihe wasallam) to visit the toilet with his head covered and with his shoes on. (Alaikum besunnati)
3. Before entering the toilet recite this dua:
Bismillah – Allahumma Inni aouzubika minal kubusi walkabais - (Bukhari, Muslim, Tirmidhi, Ibne Majah)
O Allah! I seek your protection from the male and female Jinns.
Note: Mullah Ali Qari (Rahmatulla hi alaih) has written in Mirqaat that with the blessings of the recitation of this dua, a veil is cast between the person visiting the toilet and the evil Jinns.
Hence they are unable to see one’s private parts. He has also written that the (Ba) of the word Alkubus can be read with either a dhamma (Pesh) or a Saakin (Jazm). (Mirqaat Vol. 1, pg. 361)
4. When entering the toilet, enter with the left foot. (Alaikum besunnati quoting from Ibne Majah)
5. When removing the undergarment, it is better to lower oneself towards the ground as much as easily

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