Muslim is a person whose devotion to Allah (Subhaanahu Wata’aalaa) and His Apostle and the Faith is stronger than to any other person or thing in the world so much so that when he loves another human being he loves him for the sake of Allah (Subhaanahu Wata’aalaa), and who is so sincerely and powerfully attached to the Islamic faith that the very thought of leaving it and reverting back to apostasy may be as painful to him as being cast into fire.

Says the Prophet (Peace be upon him): “None of you can be an honest Muslim and a true believer unless his love for me exceeds the love he has for his parents, children or any other human being in the world.”

Brothers, Islam, really is nothing besides surrender and submission to Allah (Subhaanahu Wata’aalaa) and the Prophet (Peace be upon him) with all one’s heart and soul and the readiness to sacrifice every attachment, longing or interest for the sake of the Faith as the holy Companions had done and as the state is of the true and devoted servants of Allah (Subhaanahu Wata’aalaa) even today, however small may their number be. May we also be one of them!

Preaching and propagation

Essential as it is for us to affirm faith in Allah (Subhaanahu Wata’aalaa) and the Prophet (Peace be upon him) and to follow with righteousness and sincerity the straight path of Islam, it is also of no mean importance that we strove earnestly to guide the others, too, to the path of the faith who are ignorant of it or who may be unwilling to adopt it on account of prejudice or spiritual malaise. As Allah (Subhaanahu Wata’aalaa) has placed on us the duty of being His pious, devout and faithful servants so also has He made it obligatory for us to work among His other creatures as well towards the same end, that is, towards making them also His pious, devout and faithful servants. That is what is meant by the service of faith and its preaching and propagation.

This work is so great in the sight of Allah (Subhaanahu Wata’aalaa) that for it He sent down thousands of Prophets into the world. The Prophets bore tremendous hardships and went through the severest of trials and privations to carry out their mission. They work for the moral and spiritual reform and uplift of mankind May the eternal blessings of Allah (Subhaanahu Wata’aalaa) be on them their companions and supporters.

The glorious chain of Prophecy and Apostleship ended with the last of the Prophets, Prophet Mohammad (Peace and Blessings of Allah (Subhaanahu Wata’aalaa) be upon whom). Though him also Allah (Subhaanahu Wata’aalaa) proclaimed to the world that no more Prophets would now be raised up for the guidance of humanity. The celestial mission shall now be carried on by those who had accepted his guidance and the religion he had brought with him into the world.

In sum, after the terminations of the luminous line of Apostles the responsibility for preaching and propagation of faith and religious instruction and reform of mankind has fallen wholly upon the shoulders of the followers of the sacred Prophet (Peace be upon him). This honor, indeed, is unique. In the Quran, the very object of the raising up of Muslims has been defined as nothing but this:

You are the best of Peoples, evolved for mankind, enjoining what is right, forbidding what is wrong

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