Beautiful Sunnats of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) - Page 6

The above mentioned method is the sunnat procedure for ghusl. In ghusl, some acts are compulsory. Without which one’s ghusl will not be correct and one will remain impure. Thus it is necessary to have the knowledge of what is compulsory in ghusl. Only three acts are compulsory in ghusl.
1. To gargle one’s mouth (in such a method that water reaches the entire mouth.)
2. To place water in the nose (up to the soft portion).
3. To make water reach the entire body.
1. It is Sunnat to face the Qibla while saying the Azaan and Iqaamah. (Maraaqiul Falaah pg. 106, I’laaussunanVol.2, pg.126)
2. It is Sunnat to say the Azaan with pauses after each phrase while the Sunnat method of Iqaamah is to say it quickly. (Tirmidhi Vol.1, pg.285)
3. During the Azaan it is Sunnat to turn the face to the right when saying: Haiya alas salah and towards the left when saying, Haiya alal falah However, the chest and the feet should remain towards the direction of the Qibla. (Maraaqipg.106, ShamiVol.1, pg. 285)
4. It is Sunnat to repeat the words of the Azaan after the Muazzin (in reply to the Azaan). When the Muazzin call out Haiya alas salah and Haiya alal Falah reply with: La howla wala quwata illa billa (Bukhari, Muslim)
5. In the Azaan of Fajar when the Muazzin calls out: Assalatu khairum minan noum reply with: Sadaqta wabararta (Maraaqiul Falaah pg. 110)
6. The reply will be given to the Iqaamah in the same way as it is given for Azaan. However, in reply to Qadqamatis salah one should say: Aqaamahalahu wa’adamaha (Abu Dawood)
7. After the Azaan it is Sunnat to recite Durood Sharief (Muslim Vol.1 pg.166)
8. Thereafter recite this Dua which is narrated in the chapter of Azaan in Bukhari Sharief.
Allahumma rabba hazi iddawatit tamati wasalatil qaaemati aati muhammadinil waseelata walfazilata wabashu maqamam mahmooda nilazi wa’ata Innaka la tukliful meea’ad -
O’ Allah the Lord of this perfect call and the Lord of the prayer which is about to be performed, grant Muhammad (Sallallahu alaihe wasallam) the intercession and the virtue and grant him the praised position (Almaqaamul Mahmood) which you have promised him. Verily you do not contradict your promise.
The words Innaka la tukliful meea’ad are not narrated in Bukhari Sharif. Imam Baihaqi has narrated it in
SunaneKubra. (HisneHaseen with commentary Fadhle Mubeen)
Note: To add the words waddarajatar Rafeeata or to add Ya arhamar raheemeen at the end is not established from any narration. (Hence it should not be added on in the Dua after azaan).

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