Beautiful Sunnats of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) - Page 27

17. Sunnat: Fix a specific time for Ibaadah, a time for the fulfillment of the rights of the family i.e. joking and communicating with them and a time to rest. (ShamaaileTirmidhi pg.198)
18. Sunnat: Keep yourself always busy in reciting Darood sharif. (Nashrutteeb, pg.170)
19. Sunnat: Be kind to the neighbors, respect the elders and show mercy to youngsters. (Mishkaat Vol.2, pg.424, 423)
20. Sunnat: Meet even those relatives with kindness who does not wish to be sociable. (Mishkaat pg. 519)
21. Sunnat: One should be considerate to those who are not so well off.
22. Sunnat: It is sunnat to place the pillow on the right or the left hand side. (ShamaaileTirmidhi Ma’a KhasaaileNabawi pg.76)
23. Sunnat: To joke with one’s wife in order to make her happy is also sunnat. (KhasaailCommentary of Shamaail pg.198)
24. Sunnat: Rasoolullah (Sallallahu alaihe wasallam) used to sit cross legged in the Masjid from after Fajar upto Ishraq. He would sit cross legged in the company of the Sahaaba (Raziallho anhum) as well. (KhasaailCommentary of Shamaail pg. 76)
However, it has been mentioned in the kitaabs that for juniors to sit in Tashahhud position in front of seniors displays more humility. (ShaamiVol.1)
25. Sunnat: To meet one’s Muslim brother with a cheerful face. (TirmidhiVol.2, pg.8)
26. Sunnat: To ask the owner of the conveyance to sit in front and not to personally sit in front without his express permission is sunnat. (Mishkaat)

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