Beautiful Sunnats of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) - Page 9

7. To keep a gap between the stomach (abdomen) and the thighs. The arms should not touch the sides of the body. (Tahtaawee pg.146)
8. The elbows should be kept off the ground (i.e. raised). (Tahtaawee pg.146)
9. To recite Subhana Rabbial a’ala at least thrice whilst in Sajdah.
10. To recite Takbeer whilst getting up from Sajdah. (ShamiVol.1, pg. 352)
11. When getting up from Sajdah, first the forehead, then the nose, then the hands and lastly the knees should be raised. (ShamiVol.1, pg. 368 and Tahtaawee pg.145)
12. One should pause and sit with ease between the two Sajdahs. (Tahtaawee pg.146)
1. To keep the right foot upright whilst sitting in Qa’dah and to place the left foot flat on the ground. (Tahtaawee pg.146)
2. To place both hands on the thighs. (Ibid)
3. To raise the index finger in Tashahhud whilst reciting Ashhadu al lahilaha and to lower it when saying Illalla (Tahtaawee pg.146 and 147)
4. To recite Durood Sharief in the final Qa’dah. (Tahtaawee pg. 147)
5. After Durood Sharief recite a Dua which is similar to those which appear in the Qur’an or Hadith. (Tahtaawee pg. 148)
6. To say Salaam on both sides upon completion of Salaah. (Tahtaawee pg. 149)
7. To begin Salaam from the right side. (Ibid)
8. The Imaam whilst saying Salaam should make Niyyat (intention) for the Muqtadees (followers), angels and the pious Jinns. (Ibid)
9. The Muqtadee whilst saying Salaam should make Niyyat for the Imaam, angels, pious Jinns and all the followers on his right and left side. (Tahtaawee pg. 150)
10. The Munfarid (a person performing his Salaah on his own) should make Niyyat for the angels only. (Ibid)
11. The Muqtadee should say Salaam simultaneously with the Imaam. (Ibid)
12. The second Salaam should be said in a lower tone than the first Salaam. (Tahtaawee)
13. The Masbooq (a person who has joined the Imaam late) should wait for the Imaam to end his Salaat before getting up to complete his missed Rakaats. (Tahtaawee)
FARAAIDH (Compulsory Acts) OF SALAAT
1. TakbeereTahreema. (To say, “Allahu Akbar”, translator)
2. Qiyaam (To stand).

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