Beautiful Sunnats of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) - Page 10

3. Qiraat (To recite any verse or Surah of the Qur’aaneKareem.)
4. To make Ruku.
5. To make two Sajdahs.
6. To sit for the duration of Attahiyat in the final sitting. (Qa’eda akherah)
If any one of the above mentioned are left out, the Salaat will not take place. It will have to be repeated.
Note: The Waajibaat and MufsidaateSalaat etc. should be learnt from Behishti Zewar or Aa’inae Namaz written by Mufti Sa’eed Ahmad Sahib (Rahmatulla hi alaih), the MuftieA’zam (grand Mufti) of Mazaahirululoom.
1. When saying TakbeereTahreema females should raise both their hands up to the shoulders without removing them from under the Burqa.(a kind of shawl or veil covering the whole body from head to foot translator) (Tahtaawee pg.141)
2. Thereafter they should tie their hands on the chest in such a manner that the palm of the right hand is placed on the back of the left hand. She should not grip her wrist with her thumb and small finger like men. (Tahtaawee pg.141)
3. Bend slightly in Ruku, and place the fingers of both hands joined together on the knees. Do not spread them. Keep the arms close to the side of the body. Join the ankles of both feet. (Tahtaawee pg.141, Behishti Zewar Vol.2 pg.16)
4. The feet should not be kept erect in Sajdah but should be placed horizontally on the floor pointing to the right. Crouch and draw the body in, as much as possible when making Sajdah , so much so that the thighs touch the stomach and the forearms are joined to the sides of the body and the elbows are spread flat on the ground.(Behishti Zewar Vol.2 pg.17)
5. When sitting in Qa’dah the feet should be spread out horizontally on the ground on the right side. Both the hands should be kept closed. (Tahtaawee pg.146 and ShamiVol.1 pg. 373)
The gaze should be fixed on the place of Sajdah during Qiyaam, on the feet during Ruku, on the nose during Sajdah, on the lap during Qa’dah and on the shoulders during Salaam. When one has an urge to yawn during Salaah, he should stifle it as much as possible. When one has an urge to cough during Salaah one should try as much as possible to suppress it.
(Extracted from A’inaeNamaz written by Mufti Sa’eed Ahmad Sahib, (Rahmatulla hi alaih) the Muftie A’zam

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