Beautiful Sunnats of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) - Page 12

11. On the day of Jumua’h it is Sunnat to apply oil to the hair and to use it or any other sweet smelling fragrance. (Bukhari)
1. Spread out a cloth on the floor (to lay the food on.) (Bukhari)
2. Wash both hands upto the wrists. (Tirmidhi)
3. Recite Bismillah aloud. (Bukhari, Muslim Shami, Vol.5)
4. Eat with the right hand. (Bukhari, Muslim)
5. The one who is most pious or senior from those eating should be made to commence eating first. (Muslim Vol.2 pg. 171)
6. If only one type of food is in the utensil, eat from the side in front of you. (Bukhari, Muslim)
7. If a morsel falls, pick it up, clean it and eat it. (Muslim)
8. Do not lean and eat. (Bukhari, Abu Dawood)
9. Do not find fault with the food. (Bukhari, Muslim)
10. Remove the shoes while eating. (Mishkaat)
11. When eating, sit either with both knees raised and the posterior on the ground or by raising one knee and keeping the other on the ground. A third posture is to sit with both knees on the ground (as in the position of Qa’dah) and lean forward to eat. (Mirqaat commentary of Mishkaat)
12. Clean the plate and other eating utensils thoroughly after eating. The utensils will then make dua for one’s forgiveness. (Ibne Majah)
13. To lick the fingers after eating. (Muslim)
14. Recite this dua after eating.
Alhamdulilahilazi atuamana wasaqana waja’lana muslimeen. (Tirmidhi, Abu Dawood, Ibne Majah)
All praise is due to Allah who has granted us food and drink and has made us Muslims.
15. First remove the cloth, and then get up. (Ibne Majah)
16. Recite this dua while picking up the cloth.
Alhamdulilahi hamdan kasiran touebam mubarakan feehi gaira makfieoun wala muwadeoun wala musthagnian anho rabbana (Bukhari).
All praise is due to Allah, such praise which is pure, full of blessings. O our Sustainer, we are not clearing away this food due to regarding it as sufficient (that we do not require anything more from you), nor in the manner of abandoning it, nor do we regard ourselves as not being in need of it.
17. Wash both hands. (Tirmidhi, Abu Dawood)
18. Gargle the mouth. (Bukhari)
19. If you forget to recite Bismillah at the beginning, recite Bismillahi awalahu wa’akirahu (Tirmidhi, Abu

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