Beautiful Sunnats of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) - Page 13

20. When invited to partake of meals by someone, make this Dua for the host:
Allahuma atueman atuamani wasqi man saqani (Muslim)
O Allah feed the one who fed me and grant him drink who gave me to drink.
21. It is Sunnat to partake of some vinegar. That house in which vinegar is found will not be regarded as empty of gravy. (Ibne Majah)
22. If a person uses only wheat (to make his bread), he should also add a little barley so as to get the Sawab (reward) of acting on a Sunnat.
23. To eat meat is Sunnat. It is reported in a Hadith that the most superior food of this world and the hereafter is meat. (Jaamia Sageer Vol.2, pg. 34)
24. To accept the invitation of one’s fellow Muslim is a Sunnat. (Abu Dawood) However if (the major portion of) his income is from interest, bribery or any other haraam source, then his invitation should not be accepted.
25. It is Sunnat to give food to the family of the deceased. (Ibne Majah)
1. Drink with the right hand since Shaytaan drinks with the left hand. (Muslim)
2. Sit and drink. It is forbidden to drink while standing. (Muslim)
3. Recite Bismillah before drinking and Alhamdulilah after drinking. (Tirmidhi)
4. Drink in three breaths (sips). After each sip, separate the utensil from the mouth. (Muslim,
5. Do not drink from that side of the utensil which is chipped. (Abu Dawood)
6. Do not drink directly from the chipped, the spout of a jug or from any such utensil from which the water gushes out very quickly (causing one to choke) or from such a utensil in which there is a possibility that a snake or scorpion etc. may have crept in. (Bukhari, Muslim)
7. To recite this Dua, after drinking water (not other drinkables) is also Sunnat.
Alhamdulila hilazi saqana azban furatam birahmatihi walam yajalhu milhan ujajam bizonobina (Roohul Ma’ani, pg.149, 27th Para)
All praise is due to Allah; Who of His Mercy has granted us sweet and pleasant water to drink and did not make it bitter and salty due to our Sins.
8. After drinking water, if the utensil is to be passed on to others, pass it to the one on the right who in turn will pass it to the one on his right, and this procedure will continue till the end. (Bukhari, Muslim) The same sequence should be observed when passing around tea or anything else.
9. Recite this Dua after drinking milk.
Allahumma bariklana feehi wazidna minhu (Abu Dawood, Tirmidhi)
O Allah grant us barakah (blessings) in it and grant us more of it.

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