Beautiful Sunnats of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) - Page 15

3. The command to grow the beard and trim the moustache has been recorded in the Hadith. (Bukhari, Muslim). To trim the beard less than the length of one fist or to shave it off is declared haraam. (Behishti Zewar Vol. 11, pg. 115) May Allah Ta’ala protect every Muslim from this. It is Waajib (compulsory) to keep the beard one fist length, and the length of one fist is established from the Sunnat. (Bukhari Vol. 2, pg. 875)
4. It is Sunnat to trim the moustache as finely as possible. There are severe warnings in the Ahadith for keeping very long moustaches. (AujazulMasalik, Vol. 14)
5. The hair below the navel, armpits, the moustaches, as well as the nails should be cut and kept clean. It is sinful to allow 40 days to pass without doing so. (Behishti Zewar Vol. 11, pg. 116)
6. To wash the hair, oil it and comb it is Sunnat, but a few days should be skipped inbetween, if there is no necessity. (Mishkaat, Bazlul Majhood, commentary of Abu Dawood)
7. When combing the hair start from the right hand side. (Bukhari pg. 61)
8. When combing one’s hair or whenever the need arises to look into the mirror recite the following Dua:
Allahumma anta hasanta kalqi fahassin kuluqi (Hisne Haseen)
O Allah, as you have beautified by external form, so make my character beautiful as well.
1. It is Sunnat to take medication and undergo treatment during an illness. However, one should depend only on Allah Ta’ala for the cure.
2. It is Sunnat to treat an illness with kalunji (black seed) and honey. (Bukhari chapter on medicine) Rasoolullah (Sallallahu alaihe wasallam) said that Allah has placed cure in these two things. There are many Ahadith narrated in praise of kalunji and honey.
3. During treatment one should avoid those things which aggravate the illness.
4. It is Sunnat to visit one’s sick brother. Nabi (Sallallahu alaihe wasallam) said:
“Visit the sick”. (Bukhari)
Hazrat Jaabir (Raziallaho anho) narrates:
“I became sick. Nabi (Sallallahu alaihe wasallam) came to visit me”. (Bukhari)
5. After visiting the sick it is Sunnat to leave quickly (Mishkaat). It should not happen that the patient or his family is inconvenienced in any way by your remaining there for a long time.
6. To console the patient in any way possible is Sunnat. For example one should say to him that Insha Allah you will recover very quickly, Allah Ta’ala is the Most Powerful. One should not say such things which will instil fear in the sick person. (Mishkaat, pg. 137)
7. When visiting the sick one should say the following:
La ba’sa thahooroon Insha allah -
Do not become worried as this sickness will be a means of cleaning you from your sins, if Allah Ta’ala wishes.

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