Beautiful Sunnats of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) - Page 16

Thereafter recite this seven times for his recovery:
Asalullahal azeema rabbal arshil azeemi ien yashfeeyak -
I ask Allah Ta’ala who is All Powerful and the Lord of the Great Throne that He grants you recovery. Rasoolullah (Sallallahu alaihe wasallam) has stated that by reading this dua seven times the sick person will be cured. However, if the time of his death has approached than nothing can delay that. (Mishkaat pg. 135, Abu Dawood Vol.2, pg. 86)
1. As far as possible, there should be at least two people together when undertaking any journey. Travelling alone should be avoided. However, in extreme necessity there is no harm. (Fathul BaariVol 6, pg. 53)
2. When one has placed one’s foot in the stirrup of one’s conveyance and is about to mount it, one should say (Bismillah). (Tirmidhi)
3. After settling down on the conveyance say: (Allah-u-Akbar) thrice and thereafter recite the following dua: Subhanalazee saqaralana haza wama kunna lahu muqrinin wainna ila rabbina lamunqaliboon - (Muslim, Tirmidhi)
Glory be to the one who has subjugated this for us whereas we were not able to subjugate it on our own. And we will certainly be returning to our Lord.
4. Thereafter recite the following dua:
Allahumma hawwin alaina safarana haza watweanna bo’daho -
Allahumma antas sahibu fis safari wal qalifatu fil aahal - Allahumma inni aouzubika mieo wa’sais safari waka’batil manzari wa sooil munqalabi fil mali wal ah’li wal wald - (Muslim, Hisne Haseen)
O Allah make this journey easy for us and shorten the length of the journey as well. O Allah, You are our companion on this journey and the Protector of our household. O Allah, I seek your protection from the hardship of travel, from witnessing a terrible sight and from finding an evil condition having befallen my family, wealth and children upon my return.
5. When the need arises to stop along the way, the Sunnat is to move to the side of the road. Do not camp in the middle of the road whereby the paths of others are blocked and they experience inconvenience thereby. (Muslim Vol.2, pg.144)
6. When ascending any high place one should say Allah-u-Akbar (Bukhari pg. 420)
7. When descending to any place, one should say Subhanallah (Bukhari)
8. Note: It is mentioned in Mirqaat that this is a Sunnat of travelling. However, when one is ascending the stairs of his house or Masjid, then he should begin with his right foot and say Allah-u-Akbar even though it is only one stair. At the time of descending, begin with the left leg and recite Subhanallah although it is only a small decline. There is hope that one will receive the reward of practicing on a Sunnat. Mulla Ali Qari

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