Beautiful Sunnats of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) - Page 17

(Rahmatulla hi alaih) has mentioned the wisdom in saying Allah-u-Akbar at the time of ascension, that although apparently we are going higher but O Allah! we are not high. Highness and greatness are only for you. While descending, a person says Subhanallah because we are low and O Allah! You are free from lowness.
9. When the town of one’s destination comes into view, then recite this dua:
Allahumma Barik lana feeha -
O Allah, grant us barakah (blessings) from this town. When entering the town recite this dua.
Allahumar zuqna janaha wahabibnaa ila a’hliha wahabib saalihi a’hliha elaina -
O Allah, grant us sustenance of this place. Make us beloved to the people of this place and make the pious people of this place beloved to us.
10. Rasoolullah (Sallallahu alaihe wasallam) has mentioned that when the purpose for which one had undertaken the journey has been accomplished, one should return home immediately. It is not advisable to remain on a journey for no reason. (Bukharipg.421)
11. When returning after many days from a lengthy journey, and one arrives home when a great portion of the night has passed, then he should not immediately enter his home. Rather it is better to go the next morning. (Mishkaat, pg.339)
12. If the family is aware of your late arrival and is expecting you, then there is no harm in going home immediately. (Mirkaat Vol.7, pg.338)
13. By practicing these Sunnats one will receive the benefits in this world and the Hereafter.
14. It is forbidden to take a dog along on the journey or to keep bells, since Shaytaan follows such a person and the blessings of the journey are lost. (Muslim Vol.1, pg.202)
15. Upon returning from a journey, it is Sunnat to first go to the Masjid, perform two raakats of Salaah and thereafter enter the home. (Mishkaat)
16. When returning from a journey recite this dua:
Aaeboona taaeboona aabidoona lirabbina haamidoon - (Muslim, Tirmidhi)
“We are returning (home) with repentance, utmost humility and praising our Lord.”
1. A Sunnat Nikah is that which is simple, wherein there are no formalities, nor are there any disputes pertaining to the dowry etc. (Mishkaat)
2. It is Sunnat to seek a pious and righteous person for marriage and to send a proposal to such a person. (MishkaatVol.2, pg.267narrated from Abu Hurairah)
3. To have the Nikah on Friday in a Masjid and to have Nikah in the month of Shawwaal is Sunnat and preferable. (Mirqaat Vol.6 pg.210 and 217)

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